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Team Updates

posted Mar 25, 2011, 10:44 PM by Alan Jacob   [ updated Mar 27, 2011, 5:11 PM ]
Website Calendar & Map Locations – I have updated the calendar to make sure the map locations were linked to the field location properly. I did my best to insure the proper location of each field both on the calendar and field location section of the website.

March Madness Fundraiser – The website has been updated after each game, and Trish and I have a spreadsheet with all the winners listed day by day. We will distribute the envelopes to all team families on Wednesday, April 6. The fundraiser has also brought traffic to the team website, along with people looking at other pages on the website – including sponsors, team information, team photo’s and team merchandise.

Tournament Dates – The dates listed on the calendar are accurate. Coach Chris has already secured our team at all four tournaments, we are just waiting on payment arrangements for each. Details will be posted on the website this week, after I confirm payment.

Jerseys, Pants, Socks & Belts – Everything has been sized and ordered, with Cool Threads working on the jerseys next week. We will have everything by April 15.

Helmets – We have plenty of helmets in stock after all kinds of issue with Nike, and I am meeting with the graphic person on Monday morning. We are going to have the team logo and player number printed courtesy of Bill Lubanski who arranged the artwork. After the artwork and numbers are printed, Bill is going to handle getting the helmets completed.

Bat Bags / Team Bag – Ordered has been placed and we should have them in 2-3 weeks. They were ordered from California, and will come as a finished product with team logo, player name and number.

Home Field for Greyhound Baseball Club – After a few issues getting the field situation worked out, we seem to have everything confirmed except for final payment details. Paperwork has been completed and team home dates have been sent to Anchor Bay Schools.
Anchor Bay Middle School South – Varsity Field will be our home field for games. The school is located off Sugarbush.

Saturday, April 2 Practice – The location is still T.B.D. at this point. The weather forecast doesn’t look good outdoors at this point (45/38 Showers). We might be forced to practice indoors, with details coming later this week from the coaching staff.

MABF Team Submission Package – The team submission package required by the MABF will be mailed on Saturday, March 26. The envelope for mailing was provided at the meeting this past week, which requires us to submit Team Roster, Birth Certificates, Insurance, Home Field Information and Coach Information for the team.