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Stewie singing Bruno...It will rain...

posted Mar 21, 2012, 9:48 PM by Alan Jacob
Greyhound Baseball Club summer/fall tournament team player Matthew Stewart took the stage last week at his school's talent show and sang "It will Rain by Bruno". Stewie did a great job even though the music was very low in the background. Do we have a pitcher or a future American Idol?

Great comment from his mom....
"Once again, Matthew sang in his school's talent show last night!  He says he wasn't nervous, but my favorite part of the video is when the instrumental piece starts playing and he takes his "relaxation breath" which is exactly what he does when he wants to settle down on the pitching mound!!!  I get so much amusement from how high his voice is for such a big boy!

 I can guarantee you, that in a million years, I wouldn't have gotten up to sing in front of my school even if you paid me!"

It was also nice to see Matthew and the Stewart family at the Greyhound fundraiser - Thanks for coming out!!!