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Sneak Peek - MABF 13u Breakdown For 2015

posted Feb 22, 2015, 1:03 PM by Alan Jacob   [ updated Feb 22, 2015, 1:10 PM ]
The 2015 MABF season begins in less than 60 days, with 34 teams registered in the 13u age group. The league will introduce a new division this year  - Upper A, which will consist of the top teams in each age group 10u and above, where applicable.

The AABC also released their World Series schedule for 2015 on February 19, with a few location changes from previous years. The 13u age group will have their World Series in Battle Creek, MI on July 29 - Aug 2 for teams that qualify from MABF league play, and also request a spot in the tournament at the league scheduling meeting on March 25.

The Greyhound staff will do further research on the AABC World Series over the next couple weeks due to the location change for 2015. This would be a FREE tournament if we qualify, and the team SHOULD be awarded money to help with travel costs.

The UNOFFICIAL MABF 13u Division Breakdown for 2015:

Upper A Division
1. Bluewater Whitecaps
2. Detroit Diamond Jaxx
3. Eastside Niners Peralta
4. Greyhound Baseball Club
5. Line Drive Sportz
6. Michigan Batbusters
7. Motor City Hitmen
8. Sterling Heights Nationals

A Division
1. SCS Mariners MacLeod
2. 5-Tool Baseball
3. Anchor Bay Angels
4. Macomb Blue Devils
5. Motor City Extreme
6. Grosse Pointe Avengers
7. Grosse Pointe Red Hawks
8. Jet Box Merrifield
9. Macomb Sting
10. Michigan Brewers
11. East Macomb Muskies Black
12. Michigan Mustangs
13. North Macomb Reds

B Division
1. Bluewater Bluejays
2. Detroit Tribe
3. Hitz Black
4. Hitz Orange
5. Motor City Flyers
6. Eastside Niners White
7. Northern Huskies
8. Port Huron Red Dawgs
9. Michigan Patriots
10. Roseville Raiders
11. SCS Mariners Chapp
12 Shelby Legends
13. Team Michigan

AABC OFFICIAL World Series Schedule for 2015