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Oakland Yard - Schedule CHANGE & Rules

posted Feb 23, 2012, 9:16 PM by Alan Jacob
The schedule at Oakland Yard has changed, and the UPDATED schedule has been posted. Please be sure to check the schedule!!! I just updated the website.



Games are 1:45 in length with and additional 15 minutes of on field
warm-up.  All games are played with a Drop Dead time limit.

In the event of an incomplete inning and the home team is losing, or tied,
the score will revert back to the last complete inning.  If the home team
is winning, the score stands and the home team wins.

No rosters but no player may be 11 years old before May 1, 2012.  Proof
upon request.

Free substitution with no pitching limits.

Coin Flip to determine Home team.

Lead offs and steals are permitted but players may not steal home or
advance to home on passed balls.

No head first slides at home plate.  Dead ball, runner is out.

Teams may bat entire roster.

Any batted ball that hits the dome or a light in foul territory is a dead
ball and foul.

Any batted ball that hits the dome or a light in fair territory is

No bat restrictions.  Game balls will be provided.

Dugouts - Coaches, players, and 1 scorekeeper.  No fans or siblings. Please
limit adults to 4 or less.

NO TOBACCO and NO SEEDS in the dome for obvious reasons.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for coach and spectator behavior.  Coaches and
spectators who demonstrate unsportsmanlike behavior, (language, gestures,
etc.) toward game officials, other coaches, players, or spectators, will be
told to leave the building.  Failure to leave the premises in a timely
manner will result in an immediate end to the game in progress.

Please keep in mind that parking will always be an issue and that there are
two parking lots.  There is also no warm-up area other than on the field
once your scheduled game time begins.  For example:  The 7:00 teams will
not be allowed on the field until the conclusion of the previous game.  All
games will end on schedule with the Drop Dead time limit.

The walkway between the entry door and the seating area for Field #2 is in
play on both fields.  It is strongly suggested that spectators and
specifically their children, limit the number of trips along this walkway
while the games are in progress.  It presents a possible danger by being
hit by batted balls and it delays the games in progress.  Please pass this
message along to all of your parents.

Finally, lets all remember that while these games are competitive by
nature, the purpose of playing winter baseball at Oakland Yard is to
develop young players and prepare teams and players for the upcoming summer
season.  We're not playing for USSSA points, tournament championships, or
bids to Disney.  Due to the many schedule requests I received and the lack
of team information I received before creating the schedule, there may be
entry level 9u teams that play seasoned 10u teams.  Therefore, teams that
wish to keep their own team record are encouraged to so but Oakland Yard
Athletics will not publicly post weekly scores or team records.  Please
remember that these games are about the boys and them being able to play
the game without unnecessary distraction from overzealous coaches and