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MABF Schedule - Greyhound Schedule Update

posted Mar 19, 2012, 10:02 PM by Alan Jacob
The Greyhounds attended the MABF scheduling meeting tonight and our calendar will be updated after I finish posting this message. The MABF split the 16 teams into 2 divisions - A & B. All teams will play 22 games in the 10u division with two games being played against your division teams and a single game against the opposing division. Listed below is how the teams were split.

Division A Teams
Team Combat/Baseball Warehouse
Blue Water Attack
Macomb Scorpions
Greyhound Baseball Club
Michigan Elite
Sterling Heights Nationals
Sarnia Braves
SCS Mariners

Division B Teams
Blue Water White Caps
Southeast Phillies
East Macomb Muskies
Anchor Bay Angels
Motor City Extreme
Michigan Vipers
Vengeance Baseball
Sterling Heights Bobcats

The schedule MIGHT need to be adjusted due to a possible conflict on a couple dates listed. Please give me a couple days to finalize the schedule and check for accuracy. Practices have also been posted on the schedule for the coming weeks. Please be sure to check the location.

Thanks....Team Coaching Staff