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MABF raises recommended umpire rate for 2017

posted Jan 13, 2017, 7:01 PM by Alan Jacob   [ updated Jan 13, 2017, 7:02 PM ]
The MABF announced a new recommend rate for 2017 on October 11. 2016. The new rate is $55.00 per game, which is up from the previous rate of $50.

Greeting to all umpires who have contributed their efforts to MABF in the years past…

If you wish to continue umpiring games for MABF teams in 2017 and beyond, then MABF needs you to visit the web site at and complete the new form for Umpires.  The old database was quite out of date and was not editable by the umpire himself.  The new database will allow you to log in and make changes to your profile, thus keeping your information up to date.

Going forward, we will have three requirements:

1.       You must be MHSSA-registered to umpire games.

2.       You must report ejections of players, coaches and spectators along with any other issue that disrupts the family atmosphere at the game.  This is an effort to enhance the family atmosphere at all MABF games.  (Use the Umpire Report Form.)

3.       You should confer with only one individual per team. That person will be designated at the home plate meeting before the game.  You should take all questions and comments only from this person.

Umpires for games played by MABF teams are hired by the teams themselves and MABF does not negotiate scheduling between umpires and MABF teams.  As an umpire working games for MABF teams, you will be subject to all MABF rules of play and those governing umpires in the current MABF Rules and Practices.

At the bottom of the Umpires form there is a section with two options that you may or may not wish to complete.  It is totally up to you.

1.       You will have the option to ask to be an assignor to assign other umpires to games.

2.       You will have the option to be assigned to an existing or a new assignor to obtain additional games.

NOTE:  MABF has raised the recommended umpire rate from $50 per game to $55.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Mark Lawrence at 586-850-3692 (please no text messages).


Thank you for your participation.


Macomb Amateur Baseball Federation