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Letter from Oakland Yard Athletics - Snowmaggedon

posted Mar 3, 2014, 6:31 PM by Alan Jacob
Letter from Oakland Yard Athletics dated March 2, 2014

I took some time off writing this. It was very easy to stop. I lay blame squarely on the holidays and the snow, certainly not me.

The enormous snowfall brought about a lot of challenges for us, mostly physical but some from angry customers who were quick to point out our snow removal deficiencies. On the Friday after snowmageddon, customers were arriving for our softball league in our North dome. I was on parking lot duty and approached the driver of one car parked behind our South dome, told him who I was and informed him we had other parking but he couldn’t park there. It would block traffic. He looked as if I’d just told him he owed an extra $5000 in back taxes. He proceeded to tell me our parking was awful and we had to “ADDRESS THE PROBLEM”. I tried to explain that we had two extra lots cleared with up to 70 stalls open but he kept interrupting me. So I kept quiet. One can go the extra mile to help but if you don’t communicate that message you may still end up disappointing someone.
So here’s what we did. Our domes cover 108,000 square feet of turf and the snow covered all of it to a depth of 14”. Then it slid down off the top and onto the sides. The reason it slid was because we had the heat on for 48 hours straight. The snow melted, ran down the dome sides and refroze into a nice big block of ice/snow about 12’ high. With a front loader and bobcat, and many of my crew working many cold hours, we managed to remove the snow, clear the parking lots and create an additional parking on our grass field. It took about 3 days.

Here's some footage of the snow avalanche:

Golf Dome Snow Avalanche

The snow will go, just in time for summer camps. And here's something else we've done. We revamped our lunch club so it runs to 5pm and is called Camp FreeStyle. You can even attend it separately from the morning camp if you want. All the kids favorites are still there, with activities run by a dedicated, conscientious staff. We also created a new camp especially for 12-13 year olds called Camp X. We've designed their own club area exclusive to them within our dome supervised by our staff. Pool table, foosball, X-Box, drum set, guitars, amps, plenty of couches and it's all private for them. No little kids allowed. The Camp Xer's will have access to the activities going on that day. If they want to play tennis, they can, if they want to golf the golf instructors will help.

Our camp registration kicks off Tuesday March 4th. Here's that link:

Summer Camps 2014

Just one more thing: If the cold weather is getting you down, go outside and kick the ice clumps off of your car wheel wells. For some reason, that always makes me feel good.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Oakland Yard Athletics Team
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