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posted May 20, 2011, 6:20 AM by Alan Jacob
I wanted to update to everyone, before I called it a day. Handling a league game cancellation, is a little more difficult than I imagined.
I won’t go into all the details, however many hours were spent today dealing with issues. Before you read this email, PLEASE understand that I am doing my very best for this team.
I along with a few other people spend countless hours in the background making this all work for OUR BOYS!
Here is where we stand on several items at 1:30am
I sent an email out this evening to about a dozen teams in Macomb and Oakland counties to see if anyone wanted to scrimmage our team on Friday night or Saturday early afternoon.
Our team needs time on the field and more game experience in order to be competitive with the teams we will be facing. I received a couple responses from teams, telling me they were in tournaments this weekend. I still hope that someone will take us up on our offer, but at this point I have to move forward with what I know.
Friday, May 20 – Nothing scheduled at this point for today. If we get a call from a team that wants to play, I am going to schedule and text everyone.
Saturday, May 21 – Practice at 12:30pm – Mandatory practice for all players. If we get a scrimmage opportunity, I will update everyone on Friday.
Sunday, May 22 – Double Header with Jetbox and BBQ after
Why did the schedule change – Well I will share that with you. Chris was in urgent care and the hospital all night, and just left. Needs to see a specialist about an issue with his knee.
Ben is unable to practice on Friday, May 20 and Chris wants ALL players present for practice. Ben requested May 20 off in February when we asked for date issues – Angela is graduating from college. Congrats Angela!
Grant and Tristin have a slight issue with Friday night as well, but could make it work if needed.
If we get a team to scrimmage us on Friday night, we will go with 10 players.
Sterling Heights Nationals -  game is currently tentative for a double header in July. I am trying to get them to schedule an earlier date with us, but at first glance we were unable to find a date that would work for both teams. I am going to make another call to the their manager and see if we can schedule something in June with them. Will update you when I know more.
4th July Tournament – We are looking at the ONLY three options for that weekend – Commerce Township, Battle Creek and Muskegon – Clio is booked.
If we don’t find anything available in Michigan, we have already started tracking tournaments in Ohio and Indiana.
Commerce Township would be the only tournament that is drivable daily, otherwise we will need to plan overnight accommodations.
We would offer options for both camping and hotel, as we have both in this group.
If traveling for a tournament is a problem for you, please contact me ASAP.
Additional Tournament June 17 – 19 – I am looking into adding another tournament to the schedule in June, as I would like to get our boys as much tournament exposure as we can. We have one player (Ben) that has limited availability that weekend, but could still play depending on the game times. Knowing that we have 10 boys ready to play, the team wants to play!
Ben requested the 18th off back in February – just an FYI.
I am looking at the Flushing Summer Classic and Southgate Titans Tournament.
Once again, does anyone have an issue with playing a tournament that weekend if it’s drivable and the team budget will allow it?
If it’s a problem, please let me know ASAP.