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Indy Trip - July 2016

posted Jan 2, 2017, 1:25 PM by Alan Jacob   [ updated Jan 2, 2017, 1:26 PM ]
Greyhound Baseball Club rounded out the season by traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana for the third straight year, participating in the Youth National Championships. Grand Park continues to be one of the club’s favorite destinations with great competition, super field conditions and a great overall atmosphere.

The Greyhounds played a very competitive schedule, winning their first two games. Excellent pitching, defense and timely hitting propelled them in the two victories. The third game featured a very tough opponent in Rawlings Hitters Baseball Academy. This was a back and forth battle with Team Rawlings coming out on top 6-5. The final game of the tourney ended in another tough one run loss against a good LaPorte Crush squad.

The players and families all enjoyed their time in Indianapolis, and it was a great place to end the 2016 season.

Thursday, July 28 - Players begin to gather for opening ceremonies

Saturday, July 30 - Basey Bar in downtown Indianapolis

Saturday, July 30 - Wesley and Julian with outfield rewards at the minor league game

Thanks for the memories Baseball Youth!