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Grand Park Facility Informatio​n

posted Jul 2, 2014, 8:38 PM by Alan Jacob
Below is a little information from Grand Park for this weekend to ensure that there is no confusion.

711 East 191st
Westfield, IN 46074
While this facility is quite large, other addresses will lead people to the wrongs locaiton. This address will get you to the right spot.


US 31 is under a lot of construction from 126th St. past 191st.

⦁    From the North
        ⦁    If you are coming from the North, you should be okay taking US 31.
⦁    From the South
        ⦁    If you are coming from the south however you will need to take Spring Mill to US 32 and turn onto Wheeler RD.
        ⦁    My directions to most people from the South are as follows: (Your GPS WILL NOT take you this way)
        ⦁    465 to US 31 North
        ⦁    Head West on 106th or 116th st to Spring Mill RD         
        ⦁    Head north on Spring Mill RD to US 32
        ⦁    Head East on US 32 to Wheeler RD
        ⦁    Head North on Wheeler RD. This will take you to Grand Park. The physical address is 711 East 191st Westfield Indiana 46074. (The park is west of US31 East of Spring Mill RD North of 186th and South of 191st)

⦁    From Chicago
        ⦁    If you are coming from Chicago the Mapquest directions are good.

Fields D4-D5 – Use Parking Lot H
Fields D7-D12 – Use Parking Lots A & B
Field D13-D17 – Use Parking Lot J

Parking in these lots will save you a lot of walking. The park is very large (11 miles of walking trails) and it is very easy to get lost looking for fields.

Please look at the links below to familiarize yourself with the park.

Parking Lots
Field Map
Park Rules


Fields: D4, D5, D13, D14, D15 and D16 – No Metal Spikes Allowed


If LIGHTNING becomes a problem, an Air Horn will be fired off throughout the park. If you hear an Air Horn, it means to evacuate the park in a safe, orderly fashion.
If you have to call an AMBULANCE, call 911 and tell them what field you are at. You have to put the D in front of the field number. So always say D-13 D-14 etc. The Dispatch has specific addresses for each diamond already programed. If you do not say D however they will go to soccer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We look forward to hosting your team this weekend and making it a fun filled event for all Players, Coaches and Family Members involved.