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Carl Kudla receives 30yr award from MHSSA

posted May 5, 2013, 6:52 PM by Alan Jacob
The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSSA) held it's 34th annual officials award meeting last night in East Lansing, MI and Carl Kudla was presented with his 30yr award. Carl has been an official for high school sports for the past 30 years here in Michigan and we would like to congratulate him and thank him for supporting youth sports.

Carl had a chance to speak to the crowd of over 300 people last night, and here is how he described his last 30 years.

It's all about PASSION, DESIRE, DEDICATION.......really loving/enjoying something that's well worthwhile and the "unsung" rewards, are indescribable.
The award is just another cherish-able moment in my years of participating in something for the youth, and my sacrificing many hours for them.
I just CAN'T IMAGINE/UNDERSTAND, what children and parents....... that do not participate in sports, are missing about the benefits in a youths' life development.

Carl has been a huge supporter of Greyhound Baseball Club over the years, and is always there to help.
Great job Carl!!!