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A big change for Post-season play for MABF in 2015

posted Mar 6, 2015, 7:04 PM by Alan Jacob   [ updated Mar 6, 2015, 7:09 PM ]
The Post-season format has changed considerably for MABF for the 2015 season. Teams ranging from 8&U through 13&U will be impacted the most.

MABF will now be able to offer the availability for more teams to attend World Series events with a "Direct World Series Approach."

  1. AABC has now gone to a 'direct to World Series" approach for ages 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13 for the 2015 season. (Regrettably, there will be a regional in Rockford, IL for the 12&U and the winner moves on to Puerto Rico, which can be very expensive)

  2. USSSA is now included in MABF's primary sanctioning bodies. Opportunities will be awarded to teams in "direct to World Series" approach in the 8&U through 13&U age divisions.

The dates and locations can be found on the webste as a reference for each age group. It is being offered for the competitive teams within the league that are willing to make a commitment at the annual scheduling meeting.

The concept is one of the steps taken as part of the alliance that was formed in 2014 between the four largest federations in Michigan. The alliance is the Michigan Federation Baseball Alliance, or "MFBA." The MFBA took an active approach to finding ways to have teams play in World Series events that are within driving distance and are not preceded by an earlier event, but can yet be awarded to the higher-finishing teams within league play.

Consult the dates on the website so you will be prepared to have an opportunity to attend one of these World Series events. You will be required to make that commitment at the annual scheduling meeting.

For ages 14&U through 18&U teams, the teams that were the first-place team in the "A" Division last year may accept a berth to a AABC Regional or World Series if they chose.

The second page of this document is a description of how the berths will be awarded. The third page has the cut off dates for qualification and the season "start and end" dates, as well as the respective World Series dates for USSSA and AABC.

*** Announced by the MABF on March 6, 2015 ***