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2013 MABF Conduct

posted May 19, 2013, 5:50 PM by Alan Jacob

To all MABF teams:




With the rain behind us and the season off to a great start, we are happy to say that Pointstreaks scoring system is working out quite nicely.  I am sure we are all having fun and the young men that depend on us are having fun and learning to play baseball in a safe well-controlled atmosphere.


This brings me to a very sore subject that MABF must address.  The calls from umpires don’t always go our team’s way but we must all keep ourselves in check and address the events on the field in an adult manner.  Being ejected from a game as a manager, coach or parent cannot be tolerated.  It is the manager’s duty and an umpire’s duty to enter a report when any person is ejected from a game.  This is being done in all cases by the umpires.


When umpires file a report of an ejection, it is stored in a database and another event involving the same team will draw MABF’s attention.  However, a more alarming amount of managers, coaches and parents are being ejected from games and taking it a step further with unruly behavior and contempt for the umpires.  From this time going forth MABF will be handing down suspensions of varying degree for any non-player who has been ejected from the game and upon being told to leave the field area immediately and does not comply or uses foul language, or for any ejected non-player who approaches an umpire in the parking lot in any manner.  These include approaching them, verbally confronting them with a physical presence or even so much as a persistent gaze to cause uneasiness or fear for the umpires.


Umpires – like coaches and players – may not always be the best but we do believe they attempt to do the best they can, and they deserve to work a game – and leave a game – respectfully with a sense of security and well-being.  Their efforts are usually the best they can give, just as are the efforts of the players, coaches, managers and fans.


It is the manager's duty to run his team properly, meaning the enforcement of strict disciplinary rules covering players', coaches' and parents' behavior.  MABF WILL NOT  TOLERATE ANY LESS.


We will have a case-by-case suspension (in terms of length) for the remainder of the year for those who violate MABF rules of conduct.  Then, we will have a set standard in place for the 2014 season.


Your children should not have to tolerate grownups acting in a childish way.


Thank you.



Macomb Amateur Baseball Federation

Board of Directors