Greyhound Baseball Club Shoe Contest

Greyhound Baseball Club posted a contest on March 17, 2013 to design the official 2013 Greyhound Baseball Club team sneaker. The contest was open to all Greyhound players, and the boys had 2 weeks to design a custom shoe. Now that the contest has officially ended, I am happy to post 11 incredible designs that were submitted by the boys.

Each family will vote over the next week for the TOP 3 DESIGNS, and on Saturday, April 6 the winner will be announced. The winning designer will receive a free pair of custom sneakers, and the design will be named the official team shoe for 2013.
Contest Rules:
1. Each player was allowed to enter (1) design.
2. All designs had to be submitted by 9:00pm on Monday, April 1, 2013.
4. Each family is allowed (1) vote and we will include Coach Dan and Arla as a family in the voting.
5. Families must pick their first, second and third place selections via email no later than 6:00pm on Saturday, April 6, 2013.
6. All families may vote even if their son didn't enter a design.
7. Votes will count as follows: 5 points for #1 pick, 3 points for #2 pick, and 1 point for #3 pick.
8. Votes will be tallied and the winning design will be posted on our  website at 10:00pm on Saturday, April 6, 2013.
9. If we have a tie, the winning design will be selected by Coach Dan.

Designer: Ben
Name: Ben's Amazing Shoe Design
Notes: Make sure to look at the back logo. And be sure to vote for me:)

Designer: Eddie

Name: Greyhound Quick

Designer: Jacob
Name: Jacob M. Design

Designer: Kaden

Name: Kaden's Shoe
Notes: HI :)

Designer: Zach C.
Name: Rage Trail The Beast

Designer: Ryan

Name: Ryan's Rage Trail

Designer: Derek
Name: Derek's Rage Trail

Designer: Hunter

Name: Hunter's Rage Trail

Designer: Julian
Name: JJ's Rage Trail
Notes: Think you can catch me?

Designer: Nick

Name: Greyhound "Beastie" Shoe
Notes: Nicholas #32

Designer: Matthew
Name: Stewie's Super Shoe
Notes: This is Stewie's design! I love it, I think you will too! :)